We aim to properly educate patients, physicians, communities, and members of government and law enforcement on the history of medical cannabis in the world and how cannabis-prohibition came about in our country. Shaking the stigma that has been placed on the plant and those who are associated with it comes with plenty of challenges and frustration. On a daily basis we face the results of one of the most impressive psycho-social manipulations in history, over 80 years of fear-mongering and dissemination of biased and false information. It is important to educate, the young and old alike, on the history and science behind prohibition and the cannabis plant in order to move away from the visceral emotions, understandings, and reactions associated with "marijuana," and the stigma that has influenced the negative understanding of cannabis.

Cannabis education covers a vast spectrum of issues; political, social, science, research, safety and security, and even the logistics of the vertical process of growing to dispensing. In order to properly understand where we are going, we have to see where we have come from. Patients and physicians require real fact-based and scientific education on how cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system. Hippocratic Growth produces educational materials and conducts educational seminars led by our marvelous Clinical Director, Jamie L. Fleetwood, Pharm.D. 

Dedication to Education

We support patients who are seeking natural and holistic alternatives to narcotics and pharmaceuticals in order to effectively treat chronic pain, spasms, mental health conditions, seizures, and for palliative care. Medical cannabis should be the first medicine recommended for a multitude of conditions, and maintaining a healthy diet, free of overly processed foods, is imperative; let's stop the over-prescribing of pharmaceuticals and push for safer alternatives. We are committed to actively working toward a decline in the opioid epidemic and seeing patients lead longer, healthier lives. We want to see more symptoms, conditions, and diseases be accepted as qualifying conditions in states that allow medical cannabis and states that will open in the future. Hippocratic Growth is committed to the equal treatment and the inclusion of all in this industry; paving a path to the future should not use the tools and plans from the past. We are happy to join alongside anyone who is fighting for fairness and social change. 

our Mission

we believe in growing the medical cannabis industry in a safe, smart, and responsible way. 

Together we can change the world

Hippocratic Growth values all feedback from qualified patients, caregivers, cultivators, processors, dispensaries, laboratories, innovators and inventors. The more we learn from clinical trials and patient vs. strain reviews, the more we will learn about what medical cannabis can do for all patients and communities. Tell us what is working for you here!